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Dust Control 1800 (Kit B)

£952.68 inc. VAT

The DC 1800 is small, lightweight and ideal for those that need a highly portable machine that is powerful enough for source extraction. With its low weight, it is easy to carry onto the job site and can be easily stored or rolled under a workbench. The sturdy construction is perfect for the demands of the chimney sweeping and stove installation industry, but also for anyone that needs a light yet powerful dust extractor. The DC 1800 is equipped with a steel container and a plastic bag is used inside the container.

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Dust Control bundle option B

Delivered with: Dust Control DC1800, Steel Hand Pipe, Crevice Tool, Brush, Hepa Filter, 5m Suction Hose
Technical: H74 W38 x L38, Weight 10kg, Suction Hose 5m 38mm dia, Container 15L.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 74 × 38 × 38 cm

Dust Control