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FlueBoss Cable Nest Buster

£55.14 inc. VAT

FlueBoss® Nest Buster is designed for breaking through small and large bird nests (head diameter 100mm). Complete with set of 4 x 150mm cables and allen key. Heavy duty 4mm stainless steel flexible cable with end stops to prevent fraying.

Rodstation recommends use for:

Bird nest and flue blockages



Key features

  • FlueBoss® has a unique and easy to use mechanism to hold PowerSweeping nylon with many key advantages. (UK Patent No.2538585, US Patent No 10415826, European Patent No.16170220.4)
  • A quick turn of the grub screw under the boss secures the nylon and protects the screw when sweeping.
  • Simply push the nylon or cable through the securing holes which saves time compared to taking discs apart or bending strands to fit in curved channels.
  • British made FlueBoss® is produced to high standards and features a domed head to assist easy passage in the flue with reduced risk of snagging flue liners.
  • Robust copolymer flexible chimney rods and rigid chimney rods have colour anodised push fit ends for greater durability
  • Quick “push-fit” connectors using push buttons giving time proven security and easy release (EU and US Copyright design)
  • Wide range of adaptors, connectors and chimney powerbrushes

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