Camera Reviews
  • HD Camera

    We now have an amazing new bit of kit added to our specialist sweep equipment... Our super posh Rodstation Chimney CCTV camera, now allowing us to carry out a thorough visual inspection within your chimney & enabling diagnosis of any previously hidden issues...Brilliant !


    - Katie Sweep

  • Wireless Camera

    I have waited for 12 months before writing this review because I wanted to see how well this little camera would hold up to the daily abuse our profession would through at it. This unit is quick & easy to use, I leave mine permanently set up in the excellent Rodstation ball mount meaning I can inspect any flue in minutes with no trailing cable or connections to worry about I just turn on the camera & monitor, connect a rod & I can be checking for blockages, damaged liners etc without impacting my time on the job. The record facility means I can show customers exactly what the problem is giving them peace of mind that the further works I quote them for are genuine, it managed to pay for itself within the first month & is still going strong. If I was looking for  faults I would say on longer runs it can loose clarity & I do attach a separate light source (easily done ) to give a more detailed view, apart from that this has become an indispensable piece of kit that makes my job that little bit easier.

    - Trevor Forster- Chimney Sweep

  • HD Camera

    I have been using the Rodstation HD camera now for a few months and I find it very good. It gives a clear, crisp picture and is easy to set up and use . It's a very handy piece of extra kit to give me the piece of mind to inspect a liner or chimney to make sure everything is safe.

    - David Donald- Head Of Training at National Association Of Chimney Sweeps