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Rodstations offers a range of chimney coring balls which are used for ensuring chimneys are correctly constructed and for clearing the chimney of debris prior to installation of a flexible liner. The coring ball test is carried out by lowering a coring ball from the top of the chimney on a rope to the bottom of the flue or opening. When any obstructions are encountered the blockage should be removed and the repeated before a flexible chimney liner is installed.

Coring balls are constructed in solid steel and chrome plated with a smooth surface to pass easily through the chimney and to prevent rusting. Each ball includes 14 metres of heavy duty rope and a heavy duty lockable steel carbine.

Rodstation offer 3 coring ball sizes:
4” 100mm diameter- weight 4Kg
5” 125mm diameter- weight 8Kg
6” 155mm diameter- weight 14.8Kg
A heavy duty rope is included with each coring ball.

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