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  • Rodstation USA
    17th Feb 2019Rodstation Sweeps America

    Rodstation returns from their first exhibition of year at the Chimney Expo in Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia, Philadelphia USA. 

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  • Chimney sweep at wedding
    28th Jan 2019A History Of Chimney Sweeping in the UK

    Britain started using chimneys in around 1200. They were introduced as a replacement for the one room open fires which were common in most households.  At first there would only be one room in a house heated so they used a large chimney.

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  • Chimney rods
    18th Jan 2019Our Power Sweeping chimney rods has increased to a selection of 10 rods!

    Our popular colourcoded range of Power Sweeping chimney rods has increased to a selection of 10 rods! We have recently added this month a 20mm rod (purple) and a 20mm and 22mm rod with high strength stainless steel ferrules.

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  • bamboo chimney rods
    29th Dec 2018Rodstation add cane rods to their growing range of traditional chimney equipment.

    Cane chimney rods also referred to as bamboo or rattan rods have been widely used in the chimney industry before polypropelene rods were later introduced as an alternative due to the advances in plastics.

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  • Czech
    7th Dec 2018Rodstation return from the MKS Chimney Sweep meeting in Brno Czech Republic

    Rodstation Managing Director Adam Pedersen has returned from talking to 80 chimney sweeps about the long history of chimney sweeping in the UK beginning with the chimney climbing boys in the 1200 and how chimney sweeping and the equipment that chimney sweeps use has developed over years.

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