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  • Rodstation
    21st Dec 20192019… a year of success on the international scene

    Rodstation launched new products and further expanded distribution channels abroad this past year.

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  • Co Alarm
    20th Dec 2019Rodstation helps chimney sweeps supporting customers this Christmas

    Making sure customers have working CO alarms is important during the busy festive season

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  • New Flueboss Mini launched for UK and US markets
    29th Nov 2019New Flueboss Mini launched for UK and US markets

    This unique rod and brush will reach restricted areas in flues, dryer vents and air conditioning units


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  • Rodstation’s good reputation grows internationally
    15th Nov 2019Rodstation’s good reputation grows internationally

    Finnish sweeps were excited to learn about the temperature robustness offered in Rodstation’s chimney sweeping equipment.

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  • Chimney Camera
    28th Oct 2019Inspection camera systems supporting your work

    CAMERA systems have revolutionised the work of chimney sweeps and provide a reliable method for checking the inside of chimney flues and flue liners in meticulous detail.

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