Chimney Sweeping Brush

RodStation offers a great range of chimney sweeping brushes suitable to use with either our 1/2" Whitworth flexible liner rods or 3/4" Universal rigid rods.  Our brushes are hand made and avalible in soft and medium bristle suitable for flexible liners and stainless steel flue pipe and hard and extra hard for larger masonry flues.  A protective ball end is fitted to brushes with a 1/2" whitworth fitting only.  In stock for next day delivery on orders placed before 12am, free delivery on orders over £100.

Soft Chimney Brush

Soft Liner Brush

Medium Chimney Brush

Medium Liner Brush

Hard Chimney Brush

Hard Liner Brush

Woodstock Brush

Woodstock Brush

Wire Chimney Brush

Wire Brush

Flue Brush

Flue Brush