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Flexible Liner Flue / Chimney Sweeping Kit (6 Inch Medium Bristle Brush 8 metre rods)

£124.84 inc. VAT

Our most popular kit for sweeping of flexible chimney liners and metal flue systems.

Kit Contents:

8 x 1 metre Flexible Liner Sweeping Rod, 1 x 6″ medium bristle brush (for 6″ diameter liner), 1 x Free Heavy duty rod bag, Free Delivery


Chimney Sweeping Sheet (Small 125 x 125cm)

Heavy duty tight weave cotton canvas sweeping sheet with sleeve opening for rod access. All our sweeping sheets are fully washable and re-usable and come in an off white material. When fully open the sheet measures 125 x 125cm to cover a woodburning stove or small inglenook. Rod access sleeve is off centred on the sheet.

1 metre flexible liner chimney sweeping rod

RodStation flexible liner sweeping rods are designed for sweeping chimneys lined with flexible chimney liner. The rods can bend back on themselves allowing throughfare through the chimney.

Rod Length: 100cm

Fitting: 1/2" Whitworth

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Choosing the correct chimney brush?

Our range of brushes are sized to suit the flue they are cleaning, for example a 6 inch internal diameter pipe will require a 6 inch brush. When opting for the right brush we recommend using a soft bristle for the smaller diameter pipes and increasing the brush bristle strength as the brush becomes larger. For flexible liner 5 inch or 6 inch diameter with soft fluffy soot a soft brush is adequate, for heavy soot we recommend opting for a medium bristle.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 100 cm