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1 x Masonry Chimney sweeping kit

£353.36 inc. VAT

Our most popular kit for sweeping of masonry chimney systems. Masonry Chimney Sweeping Kit with assortment of Medium Bristle Brushes and GUILD, NACS or Rodstation logo heavy duty rod bag free, all 20 x Universal 3/4″ fittings on rods and brushes.

Kit Contents:

2 x 90cm 3/4″ diameter Rigid Sweeping Rod

15 x 90cm 7/8″ diameter Rigid Sweeping Rod

3 x 90cm 1″ diameter Rigid Sweeping Rod

5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 14″ Medium brush, 1 x Heavy duty rod bag, Free Delivery

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Chimney Sweeping Sheet (Small 125 x 125cm)

Heavy duty tight weave cotton canvas sweeping sheet with sleeve opening for rod access. All our sweeping sheets are fully washable and re-usable and come in an off white material. When fully open the sheet measures 125 x 125cm to cover a woodburning stove or small inglenook. Rod access sleeve is off centred on the sheet.




Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 100 cm



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