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23 . 01 . 2020

New Camera Ball Holder launched!

Clip on camera 2

EVERY detail matters when it comes to professional chimney sweeping and that’s why Rodstation is continually developing equipment to help sweeps.  We are pleased to announce a new gadget to support inspections of flexible chimney liners and masonry chimneys – a new camera ball holder for our popular 8LED HD Camera System (Kit RRP £565 plus VAT). It allows chimney sweeps to attach the ball to a 12mm rod.  “Rodstation’s technology is always advancing and we love nothing more than unveiling products to help sweeps in their work” said Adam Pedersen, Rodstation Director. “We are only in the first month of the New Year and already a new product has been launched”. The camera ball holder is a small item but it’s significant nonetheless allowing sweeps to provide an even better service to customers. Rodstation’s 8LED camera has been in high demand and this nifty little gadget will make the camera even more effective in helping sweeps scrutinize every nook and cranny for sweeping projects. The camera ball holder is an addition to the Rodstation 8 LED HD Camera System. The system is an essential part of any sweep’s kit. With a unique self-centralising housing feature, auto focus camera and an 8 extra bright LED light (including zoom in and zoom out) the photographic quality makes for superb colour images. Adam Pedersen added “customers tell us that our Rodstation 8 LED HD Camera has been a real game changer. Every specification utilised for the kit is precise, employing our vast experience in product design and engineering on behalf of the chimney sweeping trade.  This latest addition to the Rodstation camera means that there’s nowhere safe for soot to hide inside a flue!” Sweeps can also be made fully aware of any other potential issues when carrying out a risk assessment helping them to be fully focused on problem areas before the sweeping has begun. All of Rodstation’s camera kits have a 12-month warranty. Click here to download our User Manual (PDF). Click here to watch the Youtube video.

Clip on camera

The holder allows the camera ball to be attached to a 12mm diameter rod.

Product Details Camera kit Includes: Heavy duty Rodstation camera case, Camera ball with 4 x rigid & 4 x flexible arms which fits to 1/2″ Whitworth rods, [#NEW ADDITION#] Camera ball holder for attachment to a 12mm rod, 7″ HD 3 Megapixel Colour Display Moniter, HD 1080P Camera Head with 8 Bright LED Lights, 16m cable, User Manual, HDMI Cable, FREE 16GB Micro SD card.

23 . 01 . 2020