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29 . 11 . 2019

New Flueboss Mini launched for UK and US markets

A LONG time ago in a workshop far, far away – a vision was born to create a chimney sweep rod and brush with the ability to access hard-to-reach areas inside flues, dryer vents and air conditioning units.

Inventor Adam Pedersen, the director of Rodstation, came up with the idea after he noticed that chimney sweeps lacked proper equipment for restricted access areas.

It took eight months of hard work at Rodstation’s HQ before Adam created the perfect model, helped by sweep Craig Forster and Thomas Wiggins who tested the gear: the new FlueBoss Mini, now ready to buy!

“I’m very happy with the final product,” said Adam Pedersen, Rodstation’s director. “It’s been a long journey to get it where it is with many re-designs along the way. I think it’s going to be popular.

“All of the components for the Flueboss Mini product are comprised of anodized gold and precision manufactured in southern Wales.”

Flueboss Mini

The Flueboss Mini holds a US and UK granted patent, with the button design holding a US, EU and UK copyright design.

Adam said: “The rods are lightweight copolymer and the ferrules are aluminium gold anodized for strength and durability.

“We are especially excited that the Flueboss mini will enter into new markets such as dryer vents and air conditioning and it will be another essential piece of equipment in the sweep’s arsenal where access is restricted.”

If you are looking for the full kit – the FlueBoss Mini Powersweeping Kit costs just £265, including VAT. This includes 8 x 1 metre 10mm Superflexi rods, 1 x Drill connector, 1 x Adaptor to drill connector, 1 x FlueBoss Mini head, and 3 metre length of FlueBoss Nylon.

Remember – this kit is perfect for cleaning 2” to 7” pipes (Biomass flues, air conditioning ducts and dryer vents). You’ll find the small diameter head (just 3/4” when compressed!) is flawless when it comes to getting through tricky spaces and it opens up to 10” when spinning. This nifty sweeping equipment is seriously impressive!

If you don’t need the whole kit but want to order parts, here’s a prices breakdown (includes VAT): the FlueBoss Nylon brush, head diameter of 25cm/10” (£44.95); FlueBoss Mini Adaptor/Reducer (£19.95); Drill Adaptor (£22.94); and the FlueBoss Mini replacement nylon (£2.80).

A special mention too for the FlueBoss Mini 1 metre flexible rod (costs just £22.95), which contains anodized gold with a 10mm co-polymer diameter. With a single push fit button, this handy weapon in your sweeping arsenal is just perfect for meeting the challenge of 90-degree bends, and for tackling biomass appliances.

Rodstation’s Adam Pedersen said: “If we sound as though we’re spinning the marketing for this- please remember just how much hard work has gone into the FlueBoss Mini product!

“The truth is that we’re not just ‘pleased’ about the launch of this equipment, we’re massively excited! And we just want to get the message out there that – at last – chimney sweeping gear has been invented which can help sweeps clean challenging, tight spaces. It really works!

“If you have any questions about the FlueBoss Mini – just ask us! Call our friendly sales team on 01446 500695. We promise you personal, professional support in making the right product choices for your successful chimney sweeping business.”

Find out more about the FlueBoss Mini:

29 . 11 . 2019