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7 . 06 . 2016

New HD Chimney Inspection Camera Kit

Chimney Camera


Rodstation have just launched a new HD Wired Chimney Camera at the Hearth and Home Exhibition. This new product builds on the success of their easy to use and affordable wireless chimney camera, which continues to be in high demand from sweeps and installers.

The camera is secured in the unique Rodstation easy glide head and the high capacity Li-battery gives about 9 hours continuous working time. The camera gives a 90 degree field of view and connects to the monitor with 15 metres of cable. The retail price for the kit is £648 plus Vat and includes the 7 inch Colour LCD screen giving 3 Megapixel resolution.

The popular flexible flue liner sweeping rods are available in 1 or 1.5 metre lengths and also in 2 metre lengths which many sweeps find saves time. Rodstation make their rods in the UK to very high standards using flexible and robust half inch nylon rod fitted with brass threaded ends for quick jointing. A great range of brushes and sweeping accessories are also available.

The Rodstation Power sweeping kits feature the unique British made Flue Boss head that saves time for quick fitting of cleaning strands and a domed head for easy passage through the flue. The Twin Clip connection between rods is quick, robust and has high resistance to clogging up from soot and grime.

Cam Vac recently appointed Rodstation as the exclusive distributors to the sweeping and stove trade for their wide range of vacuums and dust extraction equipment.

7 . 06 . 2016