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18 . 01 . 2019

Our Power Sweeping chimney rods has increased to a selection of 10 rods!

Chimney Rods

Following on from the Cane Rods we released in Early December which are designed to sweep solid and masonry chimneys and occasionally used by the fire service to unblock a chimney during a chimney fire.

Our popular colourcoded range of Power Sweeping chimney rods has increased to a selection of 10 rods! We have recently added this month a 20mm rod (purple) and a 20mm and 22mm rod with high strength stainless steel ferrules designed for use in chimney reaming or heavy duty chimney cleaning on a higher power corded drill.

Chimney scraper     Chimney Power Brush

Also launched by demand is a range of ‘half sized’ chimney rods, these are ideal as a guide navigate around bends in chimney flues or alternatively use a half rod connected to the drill when adding sections.  Another use is adding to one of our scrapers for manually cleaning pipes or register plates.  Our chimney power sweeping brushes can also be joined to the half rods ideal for power sweeping short sections of flue pipe.

18 . 01 . 2019