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20 . 12 . 2019

Rodstation helps chimney sweeps supporting customers this Christmas

FESTIVE FUN is top of the agenda for customers at this time of year and chimney professional are swept off their feet busily checking chimney flues are clean and fit for purpose throughout the Christmas party season.

It goes without saying that there’s no time so busy as the next few weeks when consumers use indoor fires to entertain family and friends alike. Sweeps are already issuing safety advice to customers, making sure chimneys are swept and the structures able to withstand the constant pressure of burning fuel.

Rodstation’s director Adam Pedersen said: “It can sound a bit ABC giving fire safety advice to consumers and yet it’s a crucial part of the job for a chimney sweep, especially at this time of year.

“As the solid fuel industry’s main supplier for chimney sweeping equipment, Rodstation understands that sweeps have a key role in keeping customers safe – for example, reminding them to test carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to ensure they are working properly. “That’s also why Rodstation provides high quality CO alarms for sweeps to provide to customers.” If you need a high quality carbon monoxide alarm – just follow this link and place an order:


Other useful links for chimney sweeps:-

Burning wet wood is not recommended and consumers must only burn dry wood at a moisture content level of 20 per cent or less (using a thermometer to check if necessary). Otherwise there is a danger of increasing tar deposits in the chimney. See here: and

Rodstation’s/Topstak’s creosote destroyer will help to break down any deposits of creosote in the chimney caused as a result of burning wet fuel. See here:

Source high quality Woodsure approved kiln dried firewood for customers to use at Christmas and New Year.

Chimney sweeps can also access useful information about fire safety tips from HETAS

20 . 12 . 2019