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29 . 12 . 2018

Rodstation add cane rods to their growing range of traditional chimney equipment.

Rodstation introduced cane rods into their growing range of traditional chimney equipment.

Cane chimney rods also referred to as bamboo or rattan rods have been widely used in the chimney industry before polypropelene rods were later introduced as an alternative due to the advances in plastics.

The particular advantage of using cane rods over polypropylene is they can withstand heat within chimney. Cane chimney rods for this reason are a particular favoured option within the fire service where clearing a chimney may be necessary during a chimney fire or burning embers may be present.  Rodstation manufacture a complete range of attachments including nest hooks, worm screws, rotating handles and an extensive range of chimney brushes for use with the bamboo rods.

The bamboo rods are available in 3 different thicknesses ¾”, 7/8” and 1” diameter and 3ft in length, all rods are fitted with a ¾” universal brass fitting.  Rodstation also offers a range of rigid rods in the same diameters in polypropelene material.

Today chimney sweeping has advanced significantly over the last decade and a favoured method of cleaning a cold chimney is using power sweeping equipment.  Rodstation have developed a range of patented power sweeping equipment which is engineered and designed by ourselved and distributed worldwide.  For more information on our power sweeping equipment please click here.

29 . 12 . 2018