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2 . 12 . 2018

We now stock a larger range of Dustcontrol Products

Rodstation are main dealers for the Dustcontrol range of extractors are designed to separate dust and particles even smaller than 0.3 micrometres.  These particles are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye but can cause major damage because they can find their way far down into the lungs.  As a result Dustcontrol after 40 years in the industry have widely become the No 1 choice for chimney sweeps throughout the UK and Europe.  Equipped with cyclone technology, reverse pulse cleaning of filters and separate HEPA filter, all of the Models we supply are the Eco Model which offer the following features:-

  • Light but powerful
  • Consistently high performance
  • Hepa 13 filtration system
  • Filter cleaning without removing filters
  • Easy to empty bin
  • Quiet and easy to maintain

We offer two kits the, the most popular of which is the Option B DC1800C Kit  (Product Code DC1800B) which includes:- DC1800 230v (15L Bin) with wheel assembly (which can be removed), 10 bags, 5m x 38mm antistatic hose and cuff each end, crevice tool, brush nozzle with curved hand pipe.  Rodstation recommends this as an ideal choice for chimney sweeps.

Dust control 1800

Option B DC1800C Kit £849.66 Inc. vat and delivery


The second kit we offer is the Option D DC1800D Kit  (Product Code DC1800D) 230v (40L Bin), 10 bags, 5m x 38mm antistatic hose and cuff each end, crevice tool, brush nozzle with curved hand pipe. (note there are no wheels on this option however if required they can be purchased separately).  Rodstation recommends this as an ideal choice for stove installers and chimney sweeps looking for a larger capacity bin.

Dust control

Option D DC1800D Kit £933.96 Inc. Vat and delivery

Both Kits have a 2 Year Warranty on the products. The main difference between the new kits is that Option D has a bigger container attached to the Dustcontrol system.  If you already have a Dustcontrol 1800 kit Option C but want a bigger bin we do sell It separately so you can upgrade your existing Dustcontrol appliance.

Dust Control Aircube

DC Air Cube 1200 £1794 Inc. Vat and delivery

The other products we stock are the DC Air Cube 1200.  The DC Aircube 1200 is a very high efficiency and robust air cleaner which has the ability to clean the air in large areas at a rate of up to 1100 m3/h.  The encapsulated fan housing contains an eco fan of the radial type which builds up high pressure in the whole flow range, giving effective air cleaning for the entire service life of the filter.  The fan speed is also steplessly variable.  The DC Aircube is equipped with both a Hepa H13 filter which captures the smallest particles and an indicator lamp for filter replacement.

We also stock the DC1800- Sacks (Pack of 10), Dustcontrol HEPA H13- Micro Filter, Dustcontrol Pre Filter CelluloseChimney Sweep Brush and Dust Control hose connector, this allows the Dust Control hose to be cut in half and reconnected using this hose connector. There is also a Crevice Tool Flat Nozzle Black and Chrome Steel Hand Pipe Curved.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and also about our great range of FlueBoss chimney power sweeping equipment.

2 . 12 . 2018