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7 . 12 . 2018

Rodstation return from the MKS Chimney Sweep meeting in Brno Czech Republic

Rodstation Managing Director Adam Pedersen has returned from talking to 80 chimney sweeps about the long history of chimney sweeping in the UK beginning with the chimney climbing boys in the 1200 and how chimney sweeping and the equipment that chimney sweeps use has developed over years.

Rodstation presented their revolutionary range of colour coded power sweeping equipment (also known as rotary power sweeping) and the unique features such as the patented quick release button featured on their range of powersweeping rods and the easy change mechanism for the power head or whip head. Adam Pedersen also showcased the growing range of FlueBoss power brushes and manual chimney sweeping kitschimney rods and chimney brushes. Adam Pedersen said ‘We are delighted to be working with Kominy Messy our Czech Distributors to promote our brand to Chimney Sweeps in the Czech Republic and around Europe. It was a great show well attended we look forward to attending more exhibitions in the new year in the Czech Republic and around the World’


7 . 12 . 2018