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  • bamboo chimney rods
    29th Dec 2018Rodstation add cane rods to their growing range of traditional chimney equipment.

    Cane chimney rods also referred to as bamboo or rattan rods have been widely used in the chimney industry before polypropelene rods were later introduced as an alternative due to the advances in plastics.

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  • Czech
    7th Dec 2018Rodstation return from the MKS Chimney Sweep meeting in Brno Czech Republic

    Rodstation Managing Director Adam Pedersen has returned from talking to 80 chimney sweeps about the long history of chimney sweeping in the UK beginning with the chimney climbing boys in the 1200 and how chimney sweeping and the equipment that chimney sweeps use has developed over years.

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  • Dust Control DC 1800
    2nd Dec 2018We now stock a larger range of Dustcontrol Products

    Rodstation are main dealers for the Dustcontrol range of extractors are designed to separate dust and particles even smaller than 0.3 micrometres.  As a result Dustcontrol after 40 years in the industry have widely become the No 1 choice for chimney sweeps throughout the UK and Europe. 

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  • Rodstation team members Adam and Matt completed the Cardiff Half Marathon.
    31st Oct 2018They’ve done it!

    On Sunday 7th October, Rodstation team members Adam and Matt completed the Cardiff Half Marathon.  More than 20,000 participants celebrated the 15th anniversary of Wales’ largest mass participation event.

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  • Lighting your stove in a cold chimney
    26th Oct 2018Lighting your stove in a cold chimney

    Cold air is denser than hot air and can prevent the hot air from rising up the chimney. Whilst the stove has not been alight, cold air will have travelled into the flue, meaning that when you open the door to your stove cold air will escape. This will show that your flue is still cold and will struggle to generate enough heat to go up the chimney.

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